3 thoughts on “Take THAT you bad paradox!

  1. In an end, have you learned how to use those “map” HTML tags or have you found an alternative way to map up an image?
    I remember having a little to do with Curry when I was in highschool, so it surprised me now just as it did then. But isn’t it all about a myriad feedback, that A can turn into some huge nonsense relation, just like always adding a zero decimal in the tail of an integer or walking in a hall of mirrors when lights are out?

  2. Hi Wehaveheaven,

    No, I think I gave up, though I don’t think I tried everything. So it might be possible to use image maps. I don’t know…

    As for the Curry’s paradox I don’t have anything smart to say. It obviously has to do with the way material conditional works (i.e. false->X being true anyway), so rendering A sentence true; and the self-reference forcing the truth of the consequent.

  3. That’s funny; thinking about paradoxes makes me wish they’d all succumb to such treatments. More seriously, I’d like to take Curry’s paradox to be showing the incoherence of the material conditional, outside of artificial hierarchies that don’t allow self-reference, but I don’t know if it does (where I’ve got to, in my thinking of such things, is here).

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