A brood comb

….philosophical and other notes….

Me stripping

Easy Explanation of Kant

How to tell if you suck at telling philosophical jokes?

How to Tell Consciousness?

Imaginary Philosopher

All The Way Down

Philosophers’ Mafia

Pat on the back
Set of representational capacities


7 Responses to “Me stripping”

  1. […] philosophical comic strips. I liked these a lot and hope he keeps it […]

  2. Richard said

    lol, i loved the philosopher’s mafia one.

  3. Lakitu said

    you know these are great – you just know. i laughed *A Long Time* at most of these. they’re so true. where’s the cavalry, i’ve been shot, are you sure?, one?

    keep ’em coming, a real niche for this is unfilled =)

  4. Thanks Lakitu!

    I’m having prolonged time off with everything philosophical, I guess, including adding things to this blog. So, may take a while for the inspiration to come back :)

  5. Natural409 said

    Much work has been done since I last cliked in here,Tanasije. It looks nice. Good job.

  6. These are great.

  7. thanks :)

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