Thoughts about few Half-Baked Rabbits On Sequoias

The title is just (what seemed to me) an interesting permutation of the words from the title of the previous post.

Anyway… few links…

In the comments, Richard (who, if you haven’t heard started a blog few days ago, called Philosophy Sucks!) pointed that on Devitt’s web page one can find Devitt’s book Designation in pdf format.

Other blog I stumbled on recently is The End Of Thoughts. I spent few pleasant hours the other day reading the posts there.

I saw this comic, and thought how a nice version could be with philosophers and thought-experiments (creating exact replicas of people, planets, weird creatures and all that). What do you do if you have original comic idea? I googled “make comics“, and there seems to be quite a few online tools which can help you build comics. I tried this one, and this was the result:


Can I also remind you of my other attempt to make a comic about P.Churchland?