This is a blog of Tanasije Gjorgoski, a software engineer in his mid-thirties. I guess it is obvious that it is about philosophy, but let me try to explain little more…

In my opinion philosophy is about making sense of things, understanding them, and trying to make oneself at home in the world. (Well, even if that is not what philosophy is about, in any case that’s what is motivation behind my thinking about issues, and behind the posts on this blog.)
One doesn’t have to understand everything to understand something. And one doesn’t have to be God in order to feel at home in the world. (Some people seem to feel at home in the world without ever getting into philosophy. For sure there is nothing wrong with that.) But things are connected, it seems to me. A seemingly unconnected things we understand, might show themselves in their interrelatedness making our view of the world suddenly clear up for a degree. (And produce nice cozy feeling.).

Understanding can’t be done by a philosophy as a discipline. It is up to each person to understand. There are lot of people through history that understood this or that (though did not understand some other thing, which other people understood). But their understanding can’t be made part of every next person, nor can it prevent misunderstanding in every next person. Books can help just so much, probably direct communication much more. Because of that, those people who are trying to understand the world might seem as a bunch that goes nowhere. But, there is nowhere to go. That I understand can be understood just from those that understand too. It isn’t testable through experiments.

I hope some of the posts make you feel more at home in the world.

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