Shameless LCMS Promotion

I pointed few times that I work in the company called Xyleme, and that one of our products is a learning content management system.

Learning content management system is a software system (client/server/web access type of thing) that allows for learning content creation (alone or distributed, with possibility to assign some work to subject matter experts), content reuse (same content linked in multiple materials, so you only change on one place), search and versioning, publishing the content in different types (like web courses or all kind of different printed materials), assessment of students through questions when they visit the web-course, etc…

As I was part of the development of the product and it’s conception from the day 0 (and put lot of sweat, blood and brain cells into it), I’m proud of the results. To see why, here is a link to the demonstration of the product that was put on web those days.

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