Hundredth Post Effect

My previous post was 100rd one, so probably nice time for little statistics and meta-blogging:
7 months blogging
over 110 comments
over 22000 page views
over 60 blogs linking here
over 50 around 15 readers through RSS. I knew it was too good to be true. WordPress announced that it was overestimated the number of feeds because of some glitch in the algorithm. If one more bug comes out I will be from “over 50 readers” to 5

Thanks to all the readers, especially to ones who left their comments (not many :) ).

Thanks to Chris from Mixing Memory for having posts of such quality, and also for being the first from the philosophy blogosphere to add me to his blogroll.
Thanks to Clark from Mormon Metaphysics (also a blog of great quality) for linking to different posts several times from his left-side column, and Richard from Philosophy, et cetera for organizing the Philosophers’ Carnival, and the hosts of those carnivals for accepting  few of my posts on the carnivals so far.
Thanks to Pete from Brain Hammer and Eric from Splintered Mind, for giving lot of food for thought on issues from Philosophy Of Mind, and to all other blogs on my blog list.
Also thanks to all those who have added links to my blog since it started.

As for the number of page views, I guess it will be interesting to add little clarification:
The number of visits thus far is over 22000 page views, and if it seems high for this blog, you are right. It is not that my posts in general that has attracted so much attention. The number is actually primarily so high because of the post with links to video lectures. It has alone over 13000 page views.

The  significant number of hits came from links to that post from Leiter Reports (around 800 in two days when the link was posted) and Metafilter (I think between 1000 and 2000 in two days after the linking). But the most hits had come fro and StumbleUpon services. I guess most of you have heard about It is a social bookmarking service, where the users add  bookmarks to their accounts, and further assign tags and descriptions to them. Then other users can search through tags/descriptions, to check for the bookmarks of other users under those tags. Users can also add bookmarks of others to their own bookmarks. It also contains a page where most recent bookmarks are displayed, and a page for recently most bookmarked pages.
The link at Metafilter had another effect, it seems that lot of people frequenting Metafilter are also users of, and they added the url to their bookmarks. The more people bookmark your page, the higher it ranks, so eventually it was in the top bookmarked pages for the video tag. That started bringing new users of, and more bookmarks, which have also bookmarked their page, so that eventually the link was put on the “Hot” page, which brought new hits. The total of that day was around 3000 page views. The other day it was 1400.. It eventually “cooled off” in few days, but there are still people who are coming to the video lecture post through their bookmarks. The other big part of the visitors of that page come from the StumbleUpon service. It is also kind of bookmarking service, with the difference that it also has  a toolbar which is added to the browser. When you register, you say what kind of topics you are interested in. After that you can press the “stumble upon” button, which presents you with a page from those category that other users have added and voted as cool. You can then use the voting buttons yourself, to vote that page as good,or bad, which in turns affects the overall voting and the possibility of that page to be shown to other people. I have quite a lot of hits from StumbleUpon, actually for few days it was limited to 20-30 hits, but then suddenly for two days bursted to around 400 hits each day. After that, it again lowered to the previous levels, and is still bringing new people to that page.

Anyway, it is good that so many people have found that list of links useful, though I would like it more of course if they find something interesting in the other posts I actually write :).


6 thoughts on “Hundredth Post Effect

  1. That’s interesting that you got so much traffic from bookmarking sites – did you prime that pump, or were users creating those bookmarks on their own?

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