Synthese – Free Numbers

There are a bunch of texts from few numbers of the Synthese journal available on-line in pdf format, apparently till 31 October.
If you don’t have the printed version of the journal, and you find some of the titles in the following list interesting, you can check them here.

Volume 151, Number 3 / August, 2006
– New Perspectives on Reduction and Emergence in Physics, Biology and Psychology

Complementarity cannot resolve the emergence–reduction debate: Reply to Harré – Olivier Massin
Emergence and reduction: Reply to Kim – Ausonio Marras
Emergence: Core ideas and issues – Jaegwon Kim
Emergentism by default: A view from the bench – Ana M. Soto and Carlos Sonnenschein
Explicating pluralism: Where the mind to molecule pathway gets off the track—Reply to Bickle – Huib Looren de Jong
Federalism in science — complementarity vs perspectivism: Reply to Harré – Daniel Andler
Finding a place for elimination in inter-level reductionist activities: Reply to Wimsatt – Pierre Poirier
Functional reduction and emergence in the physical sciences – Alexander Rueger
New perspectives on reduction and emergence in physics, biology and psychology – Max Kistler
Ontology relativized: Reply to Moulines – Stéphanie Ruphy
Ontology, reduction, emergence: A general frame – C. Ulises Moulines
Physicalism and strict implication – Robert Kirk
Physicalism and strict implication – Jürgen Schröder
Post-genomics, between reduction and emergence – Michel Morange
Reducing mind to molecular pathways: explicating the reductionism implicit in current cellular and molecular neuroscience – John Bickle
Reduction and emergence in the physical sciences: Reply to Rueger – Max Kistler
Reduction: the Cheshire cat problem and a return to roots – Kenneth F. Schaffner
Reductionism and its heuristics: Making methodological reductionism honest – William C. Wimsatt
Reply to Ruphy – C. Ulises Moulines
Resolving the emergence-reduction debate – Rom Harré
The dual role of ‘emergence’ in the philosophy of mind and in cognitive science – Achim Stephan
What’s behind a smile? the return of mechanism: Reply to Schaffner – Luc Faucher

Volume 150, Number 3 / June, 2006 – The Logic Of Time and Modality
Arthur Prior and Hybrid Logic – Patrick Blackburn
Logical Connectives for Constructive Modal Logic – Heinrich Wansing
Meredith, Prior, and the History of Possible Worlds Semantics – B. Jack Copeland
Moment/History Duality in Prior’s Logics of Branching-Time – Alberto Zanardo
Operators vs. Arguments: The Ins and Outs of Reification – Antony Galto
The Logic of Location – Peter Simons
The RealIty of Tense – Kit Fine

Volume 149, Number 3 / April, 2006
Compartment Causation – Johannes Persson
Does Anything Hold the Universe Together? – Helen Beebee
Environment-Dependent Content and the Virtues of Causal Explanation – Paul Noordhof
Potency and Modality – Alexander Bird
Science as a Guide to Metaphysics? – Katherine Hawley
The Ungrounded Argument – Stephen Mumford

Volume 148, Number 1 / January, 2006
Anomalous Monism: Oscillating between Dogmas – M. De Pinedo
Bonjour, Externalism and The Regress Problem – José L. Zalabardo
Hume’s Principle and Axiom V Reconsidered: Critical Reflections on Frege and His Interpreters – Matthias Schirn
Probability Dynamics – Amos Nathan
Quantum-mechanical Statistics and the Inclusivist Approach to the Nature of Particulars – Francesco Orilia
The Problem with Token-reflexivity – Stefano Predelli
The Surveyability of Mathematical Proof: A Historical Perspective -O. Bradley Bassler
Truth, Warrant and Superassertibility – Paul Tomassi