This is not a Meme!

After reading few posts on my favorite blogs lately, I though I just put a list of links to them as a sign of appreciation, respect (which turns into admiration in case of certain posts I’ve read on those blogs) and as a “thank you”.

So, in no particular order: Siris, Splintered Mind, Mixing Memory, Mormon Metaphysics, DuckRabbit, Philosophy Sucks!, Soh DAN, The Ends of Thought… I better stop it, before I name so much of them that the word “favorite” looses any significance.

4 thoughts on “This is not a Meme!

  1. Ditto on the thanks, mate. Your blog’s great too. And super thanks for the power-blogroll, without which I’d be lost in blogland.

  2. I’m not sure that one gets to stipulate that something is or is not a meme. I think I might subscribe to anti-individualism about memes.

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