Two New Dogmas

1. There is such thing as phenomenal experience, which represents things in the world, which has what-it-is-likeness. There are also facts about it (phacts), and further it can be veridical or not (falsidical) which depends if the state of affairs it represents obtains or not.


2. There are such things as theories in our minds, and their base of our conceptual thought. There are facts (teofacts?) about those theories, which are there, and are independent from the issue if the theory is right or wrong. So those assumed things called “theories” are (similarly to the “phenomenal experience”) – false or true, depending on this – if the state of affairs that the theory represents obtains or not.

Oops, I just wanted to save this as a short concept, so I can work on it some later time. But I mistakingly published it. I won’t fight my subconscious,so I’m letting those two paragraphs with all their vagueness to hang here on the blog.