Epic Battle, and Potential Rock Band

My apologies to Richard Brown and Richard Chappell but I can’t but have fun in their continuous “heated exchange” over who is misunderstanding whom. After discussing this matter on their own blogs, now they’ve exchanged few shots on Colin’s blog. So, I started thinking how it would be even more fun if they could make this into some kind of epic battle, by doing a quick exchange on random blogs with few witty insults to each other here and there. You know… it would spice up the philosophical blogosphere, and it would be nice refreshing from different topics. Then, as they get more widely known, they could think of two offensive words for epiphenomenalists and physicalists, and do a remake of ‘Don’t call me Whitey, Nigger’ song… Drat, I don’t have enough sense of humor to think of alternative title myself… But you know the song, right?

Oh, and I think I have the name of the band – Epistemic Peers

4 thoughts on “Epic Battle, and Potential Rock Band

  1. It’s not very easy… how about something related to the term scientism? (e.g. scientistics or scientisimists)
    and… Parapsychologists?

    “don’t call me a scientisimist…., parapsychologist.”

    OK, I probably lack the humor also…..

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