Update of the Philosophy Videos Page

I updated the page with online videos of philosophy lectures, with following:

At Young Philosophers:

  1. A Priori Skepticism – James Beebe
  2. The Fine Tuning Argument for the Existence of God – James Beebe
  3. Is Morality Real, or Do We Make It Up? – Joshua Thurow

Also from the comments of that page…

  1. Debbie pointed to this course on Death by Shelly Kagan
  2. And a link to a Gresham College Lectures and Events, which Tjh recommended in the comments long time ago, but I never got to pick out the philosophically interesting ones. There are many lectures there on all kind of topics.

2 thoughts on “Update of the Philosophy Videos Page

  1. Gjorgoski,

    I’ll have you know that there are an exponential number of philosophy videos being posted to YouTube; you would do well to post them also.

    See the channels of the following YouTube users:


    A search on Google Video and YouTube will yield many, many more lectures, entire semesters worth of classes, talks, etc. Perhaps you can add a post that requests that others send you links to relevant videos that they’ve mined from the net. I’d like that!



  2. Hi Marc!

    Thanks a lot for the links! I’ve posted already on the flame0430 user videos and those are absolutely great.

    Although already people are posting information in the comments, I think your proposal for separate request is good.

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