3 thoughts on “My Cool Response To Niels Bohr

  1. I don’t think understanding can completely encompass the world. Minds are big, but the world is Big. To make matters worse, what is true of it is partly implicit, not explicit, so you can’t even observe some of the things there are to know. Which means: if there isn’t something about the world that shocks a person, he’s probably asleep.

    But I don’t think you were entirely serious. ;-)

  2. Ah, right, I don’t think that we can really understand everything about the world. Just that it seems to me that the relation between the understanding and being shocked is not as Bohr pointed to. If one truly understand QM, I don’t think he will be shocked by it. The trouble IS that we don’t really understand it (or that we have wrong metaphysical assumptions).

    What I was hoping is, that if I post few cool quotes, I might be mistaken for a great physicist. A mark of great physicists is that they have a lot of quotes.

  3. lol!

    Well, if you like, I’ll call you “The Great Physicist” in the channel. But physicists aren’t the only ones with quote bags: Nietzsche wrote a whole book of his own quotes, which he called Aphorisms — and that was where I got the idea of quoting myself — which in turn upset Skept so mcuh. What he didn’t realize is that I was just copying a real philosopher ;-)

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