Second Birthday! Yay!

Yesterday A Brood Comb had it’s second birthday.
I guess little statistics is in order then. In those two years I’ve written 349 posts and got 866 comments (technically, probably half of those I got, and half of those I wrote). I would like more comments of course, I would be probably be satisfied with 10000 comments…. Maybe.

As of now, it says 235,559 visits (not visitors), and most of them have come for few posts actually. 66,400 visits are to the page with philosophy videos (I think there is around 50-100 visits a day I think to it these days). 62,790 visits are to a post that doesn’t have anything to do with philosophy – but is about how to extract a song from YouTube. And then, another part of the blog with significant amount of visitors is the Power Blogroll aggregator which had 20,558 visitors. The rest of the posts have insignificant numbers in relation to these, and together have around 90,000 visits. For example the Philosophers’ Carnival I hosted has all in all 2,668 visits, Comprehending 1=0.99(9) has 1,523 visits, and Why a neural network can’t be conscious has 1,112, Simple Explanation of Hegelian Dialectic has 1,083, and so on….

56 blogs linked to A Brood Comb in the past six months according to Technorati. And there is around 80 people that read this blog through feed readers, according to the reported numbers at Googgle Reader (62) and Bloglines (18).

So, thanks everyone for visiting and special thanks for people who have been so nice to leave a comment on the posts.

6 thoughts on “Second Birthday! Yay!

  1. 349 posts in two years??? Scary…

    Let me see, to equal that mark i’ll have to churn out 315 posts over the next twelve months. (No, I’m not even going to try.)

    Something tells me you’re doing more speed than Sartre…

  2. Now you made me think.

    And thinking before pressing the Publish button, is new concept to me. Hmm, I guess that would explain the number of posts. And the thing that my wife said to me… It all makes sense now!

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