Am I a Product of my Imagination?

I bought a Nintendo Wii gaming console few weeks ago, and both me and my family (kids and wife) have spend good time playing Wii sports (especially Tennis, though lately I find Bowling Training mini-game with obstacles very challanging). So, I thought I buy some new game for the Wii, and went to I usually shop for books, but Wii games are region specific, so if you have an European Wii, you need to buy European versions of the games. I added one game to the shopping basket, and went to the check out, but there it said that they don’t send games to the place where I live. Which is this place? Well, it is a state, which lot of people refer to as Macedonia, lot of people refer to by FYROM. It is the Republic Whatchyamacallit.

Why Watchyamacallit? I guess you’ve heard about the problem with this state’s name already. The short story is that its name and the name for the people here came century or two ago from the name of the territory on part of which it resides. And the territory is called Macedonia. HOWEVER another part of the territory called Macedonia is in Greece, and a small part in Bulgaria. And Greece doesn’t like that we (that are ethnic Slavs) call this country Republic of Macedonia, and ourselves Macedonians, as those were the names for the ancient Macedonians, and ancient Macedonia belongs to the Greek cultural history. So, now we are under pressure to call ourselves differently. I was thinking about this, and I concluded that probably in Greece no two people share the same name, and that’s why some of them find this confusing. But anyway that is another weird story, which in this few last months includes a treat from Greece to stop Macedonia entry into NATO unless the name issue is solved (read – that we agree to change our name). The bad thing is that given the ethnic tensions in the region, entering the NATO is expected to give an assurance to prospective foreign investors, so we would really like to enter NATO. This is whatchyamacallit – “blackmail” maybe?

Anyway, back to the story… I wasn’t too surprised that Amazon doesn’t deliver to Macedonia. I searched for other sites that sell games, and found Gameseek. Macedonia wasn’t in the list there, even they say that they deliver to UK and Europe. Now, this ‘Europe’ can’t mean European Union, as they deliver to countries like Ukraine and Croatia which are not part of the union too. So, it appears, this place where I live – the Republic Whatchyamacallit isn’t on the continent where it should be. And that is where I started to suspect a possible Matrix scenario. Well, just that here not just that the things you thought are real are not real, but the names of those unreal things don’t mean those things also!

So, I sent an email to the Gameseek, asking them if it is possible to buy a game from here, and they said it is, just that I need to open PayPal account, and then send them an email, and they will process the order manually. I didn’t quite like that, but it sounded better than nothing, and a new game would make my kids happy (not to mention me and my wife). So, I went to PayPal. And there my suspicions that I am just a product of my imagination were confirmed. There is a hundreds of countries there, but Macedonia is nowhere on the list. Nor FYROM. So, no new game for me for the time being. Though, I start to feel some strange urge to install a mod chip in the Wii, so I could just download “backups” for games I don’t own, and play the backups until there is possibility to buy the originals.