Across The Universe

Watched ‘Across the Universe‘ the other day. It’s been long time before I’ve seen a movie with so much charm. Especially the characters of Jude and Max, I thought they were really cool (they got me in the ‘I want to be 20 again!’ feeling). Add to the things that I enjoyed also The Beatles’ great music, artistically painted picture of the changing spirit of the times, lot of hidden references to Beatles’ music and the times, the wonderful performance of Bono of I Am The Walrus. I think I’m gonna watch that movie few more times. If you haven’t see it, it is a musical based just on Beatles’ hits, so might not be for everyone… Here are two parts of it (both start with little dialogs, and the songs are afterwards)…

UPDATE: Argh, just my luck. YouTube decided to clean itself from ‘Across the Universe’ (illegal) videos in the same day that I decided to write a post and include two of those…  Here is the trailer instead:

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