Talking to Your Past You

Convincing is not something that happens often in philosophy. But do you think if you argue with yourself from the past, you would be able to convince past-you in your todays views? Given that you have changed your views on things for sure.

I don’t know. Probably we would have more faith in our future-us as we know that they knew what we know today. But, it would be interesting thing to watch anyway. I started to wonder this, thinking of making few post from some old writings I have, which aren’t quite in agreement with my current thinking. I started reading them the other day and seemed OK to me, though little too engineering in approach for the present-me. (It is interesting how few times I have went to some old post of mine, to reread some things, it is like discovering some new things. Or maybe it is not interesting, but just my memory is very bad – which it is).

On the other fronts, Richard Brown has a new virtual presentation on his blog based on his paper What is a Brain State?, which is a powerpoint slide with narration overlay. I enjoy those presentations by Richard, so thought that you might want to check them too (you will find the other two on his side column in Virtual Presentation section).

And on Cognitive Daily there is a post covering the relation between knowing and remembering, which seems as a very interesting issue to me.

3 thoughts on “Talking to Your Past You

  1. Thanks for the link Tanasije! And the compliment!!!

    I swear I’m gonna try to recapture the magic of my mysteriously deleted comment :)

    This has actually been happening to me a lot lately…I am typing something and then all of a sudden I hit the wrong key and then the page reloads and my work is gone…VERY frustrating!!!

  2. I like the question. I imagine that I indeed would trust my future self and attempt at understanding the knowledge he brings with him. However, I wonder if I will take to the ideas of my future self as comfortable as my future self would. I also wonder how I would feel, without having the memories my future self carries to back what he’s telling me. I would be really interested in seeing how that would play out.

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