Head in for some milk and cookies!

Johnny’s mom gets philosophical here:

I wonder what the thing she says means in German (if anything).

BTW, this is first video I had prepared and uploaded in my life, and it was fun.  I hope it doesn’t infringe someone’s copyright too much :). If not, probably won’t be available for long.

2 thoughts on “Head in for some milk and cookies!

  1. Ernst Heidegger? I never got why people would half-ass things like this; at least attribute fake quotes to a real person. Or double-check to make sure you know the guy’s first name.

    On the other hand, I do like milk and cookies. YEAAAAAAAAH~

  2. Yeah, it is just your preconceived notion that there is only one philosopher with last name Heidegger. Mine too. Overcoming this condition is the right way to milk and cookies.

    BTW, I read about the accident on your blog. Hope you are getting better.

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