Connectionism (from SEP):

Connectionism is a movement in cognitive science which hopes to explain human intellectual abilities using artificial neural networks (also known as ‘neural networks’ or ‘neural nets’). Neural networks are simplified models of the brain composed of large numbers of units (the analogs of neurons) together with weights that measure the strength of connections between the units. These weights model the effects of the synapses that link one neuron to another. Experiments on models of this kind have demonstrated an ability to learn such skills as face recognition, reading, and the detection of simple grammatical structure.

I call dibs on a view which will be called Disconnectionism, and which will have the following song as an anthem:

All I can say is that it will also be known (because of its anthem) as ‘DISCO’, and will probably have something to do with possibility of things to be disconnected, and will be MUCH MORE FUN than connectionism.


I guess this is good example of priming:

(I think the teddy-bear picture by kids thing is just result of the position of the paint buckets)

But, I’m not sure if I believe this.

I’m sure that one can have false memories. But to this extent? I’m more inclined to think that this involves some trick, but I’m open to be convinced otherwise.