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A Rare Thought

Posted by Tanas Gjorgoski on November 1, 2007

I rarely have thoughts.
But that doesn’t mean that those thoughts are rare.

Solar Eclipse by Pandiyan

6 Responses to “A Rare Thought”

  1. John said

    I agree to that statement and understand that just because we rarely think doesn’t mean that when we think our thoughts are rare, but what is the definition of a rare thought?

  2. Hey John,

    “Rare” in the second sentence was supposed to be somewhat ambiguous between meanings of
    “extraordinary” and “empty”. Just playing with words a little.
    Of course the title is part of that play with words.

    BTW, if you check some posts, they are under the tag Silly/Funny, that should be a mark that I don’t think they should be taken very seriously. :)

  3. NooProcess said

    Thanks for the help in sorting out the serious ones.

  4. Noo,

    You are welcome! Very glad if I helped somehow.

  5. Barrabas said

    lol, love this one :)

    but the 2nd line may also mean/interpreted that those thoughts are “common”

  6. Ray said

    Took me a while to get it, but now I do. Clever :P

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