4 thoughts on “One More Witty Remark

  1. Hi John,

    It was intended to be a humorous remark about SOME atheists, who seem to be so preoccupied in their life with attacking religion(s), that in fact it solves one existential problem which people who don’t believe in God probably have – where to find some meaning in their lives – how to deal with seemingly absurd existence. So, at least THOSE atheists have a solution – the meaning of their life is to attack religion :)

    I’m not sure though, how they will react to somebody saying to them that religion gives meaning to their life :)

  2. I understand that it was a witty remark and that there was no want for debate. But the truth is that I am interested in the reasons why atheists do not believe in religion. I myself am a Catholic and believe in God, but I do not believe that religion gives meaning to my life. I rather say that religion is the not just the practice of believing in God but the teaching of virtues and through virtues justice for mankind. I agree with some of the atheists that the Bible exagerates on dates and other things, but I argue that Christ really did commit those miracles portrayed in the gospels. I also believe that the universe was not created out of nothing because if there was nothing to begin with there wouldn’t have been God or anything else. I believe that God is a kind of energy because one of the laws of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so then that means that energy was always there, in the Beginning. But the question I have been asking myself is if there was energy in the beginning then where did three-dimensional space come from? How was it created? Was it created, or was it all ready there like energy was? And if it was there like energy then is it a type of energy as well?

    These are one of the many things that I wish to debate here on your blog because I am fasinated with philosophizing, with reasoning and debating things that have troubled the minds of every human being that has ever lived. And I ask that you and your fellow philosophers (if you will) debat this subject with me. I would deeply appreciate that and I give you my respect.

  3. I hope posts on this blog will help you with your questions. BTW, because I don’t tend to discuss issues related to God, you will probably also want to check other blogs, which deal more with the philosophical issues related to God. An example would be Prosblogion.

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