Racism in Kant and Hegel

Philosophical Misadventures is the latest blog I added to the philosophy blogs aggregator (seems not to be updated in a while, which I hope doesn’t mean it won’t be in future).

As the author Chris Mathews says:

This site exists to collect, document, and comment upon the various missteps, mistakes, and plain absurdities of prominent philosophers, from it’s earliest beginnings to the present day.

One of the interesting bits there are on the racism in Kant (more here) and Hegel.

Of course it is hard to blame the philosophers for misconceptions of the times, but it is important I think to see how prejudice can cloud the judgment of the thinkers, and that we should be very careful not to fall in such a trap.

2 thoughts on “Racism in Kant and Hegel

  1. Everybody knows about those poor souls on the other side of the Roman frontier who romp around
    all day long muttering, “BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR”, even Ian.

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