New Small Feature in the Aggregator

If you haven’t noticed, for past week or so there is a a small new feature in the Power-Blogroll aggregator.
In the top right part, now there is a list of philosophers that were born or died on the specific date. If you visit today (19th August) you will find for example that Gilbert Ryle was born on this date in 1900, and that Blaise Pascal died on this date in 1662.

How it is done…

Along with the normal pages, Wikipedia has pages for every date. Check for example the page for August 19th. On that page you will find “Births” and “Deaths” section. So, what the aggregator does is fetch the page for the particular date, and in those sections check for “philosopher” string. The information is then extracted about the name of philosopher, the year, and the link to the wikipedia page for that philosopher, and this info is added to the aggregator. Hope you like it.

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