100K page views

Yesterday, A Brood Comb got its 100,000 page view. Which is cool, I guess, for some reason.

Not sure how this maps to a number of unique visitors, which seems to me as more important stat, but which WordPress.com doesn’t give. So, a request to WordPress.com stuff…

The Request

Please add unique visitor stats, and to make it the greatest stats in the world, give also distribution of percentage of the unique visitors per number of their returns. So, for example it would say that 40% visited once, 20% visited twice, etc…  And that, in a period which we can choose, for example – last week, last month, or some given number of days.

End of The Request

Few other stats: 220 posts (I’m not a very regular poster, and often need some time to fill the batteries, or time for my work), 445 comments (those are the thingies that make me happy), and 6,000 out of those 100,000 are for the power-blogroll aggregator page. BTW, the Technorati Stats page is now generated once every day, so you can see how the blogs which are aggregated are ranked by Technorati. The Technorati ranks blogs by number of links they received from other blogs in last 6 months. So, it is a dynamic thing – a blog ranking can go up and down.
As for the ranking the least philosophical blog – Cognitive Daily is currently on the top with 999 blogs linking to it (this will make it 1,000). And one of my favorite blogs – Mixing Memory is second with 340 blogs linking to it. Third is Leiter Reports with 317, followed by Philosophy, et cetera (154), Maverick Philosopher (153), etc…

2 thoughts on “100K page views

  1. Hey, congrats on getting to 100k! I know many of those views were from me, so I’m happy to see your blog is successful.

    By the way, on Word Press can you add Sitemeter? It gives unique visitor stats.

  2. Thanks Chris,

    Yes, one can add Sitemeter, though because WordPress doesn’t allow the javascript version, not all of the stats are available. Anyway, the “visits” stat is available, but it seems goes just a half-way to a genuine “visitors” stat. The FAQ on Sitemeter says:

    Site Meter defines a visit as a series of page views by one person with no more than 30 minutes in between page views. If you click on a link to another site, and then come back to your site within 30 minutes, you are still on the same visit and Site Meter won’t increment the counter.

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