Cyborgs Sharing The Pain, Once More

At Kenodoxia there is a very interesting variant of the cyborg sharing the pain thought experiment I posted. Go there to check the changed story…

People waiting while you read the post at Kenodoxia.

I think that they are right when they point that the story presented there is odder than the original one, and that they are right that this might be because either:

  1. The pleasure can’t be in the Ethan’s finger or
  2. Pleasure is less sharable.

Actually I think 1) is the case. Think about this…

Two cyborgs, Michael and Ethan walk on the surface of a distant planet after a fight with alien troops. Michael notices that Ethan is smiling.
-What is it? – asks Michael.
-I am enjoying the sensation in my finger. – says Ethan.
-How does it feel? – asks Michael. Ethan unscrews his finger, and hands it to Michael, who replaces one of his own fingers with it.-WHAT?! You find this pleasurable? There is incredible pain in the finger!- says Michael.
-I knew you wouldn’t understand. – says Ethan – Give me back my finger.
-You sick son of a bitch! – says Michael.

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