Few Links

Russell’s Mysticism And Logic And Other Essays, is available online at Internet Archive, in few versions among which as scanned pdf and txt. Among included essays is the essay “On The Notion Of Cause”, where he does analysis of the traditional notion of causation (Humean’ notion of cause) contrasting it with the form that physical laws have. Also he puts attention on how this affects Kant’s take on the issue.

Connected to this issue is the paper by Beatrice Longuenesse – Kant’s Deconstruction of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, included in the Volume IX of The Harvard Review Of Philosophy. The paper discusses the development of Kant’s views about PSR, and his attempt to give ground to the principle, through the proof of the causal principle.

Papers by Frank C. Keil on understanding and explanation. Though they are not strictly philosophy, I think that they are very thought provoking and certainly connect to some philosophical issues. The last one I started reading is  Categorisation, causation, and the limits of understanding.

And blog-wise:

Brian Weatherson had a post few days ago named Martians and the Gruesome, which is also interesting read.

Clark over at Mormon Metaphysics, has started interesting series of posts (two for now- 1 and 2) on topics from physics and how they connect to some philosophical issues.

Oh…., and a fun short article by Asimov – What is Intelligence, Anyway?