Aggregator Page News And Problems

I guess that the readers who use the aggregator page of the philosophical blogs, have noticed that it was little buggy those days.

One reason is that I have added new section named “Papers and Reviews” in there which contains the newest entries (and revised entries) from Stanford Encyclopedia, and also the newest reviews from the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews site.  I thought that it would add to the value of the aggregator.

However there was two problems. Notre Dame site is HTML, and doesn’t provide feed, so it required different approach (parsing the HTML from their site in order to extract the data). Also, seems that the library that I’m using for reading of the feeds (Rome v0.8) has some problem with the extracting the date from the posts from the Stanford Encyclopedia feed, so it caused problems with the sorting.

In same time WordPress seem to have changed their policy, so that the URL of the page is automatically changed when the title is changed. So, the page got different URL, and several links from nice people (to whom I’m thankful) that have linked to the aggregator page were broken. When I noticed that, I changed the title back to the original one, so the URL is back, and links should work now.

Anyway, my apology to the visitors of the aggregator for those problems. Things should be OK now.