Husserl on The Relation Between World of Experience and Physics

Here is a quote from Husserl’s Phenomenology by Dan Zahavi, page 128/129, which I think goes nicely with the Unity of Consciousness or Being-In-The-World post I wrote few days ago:

As Husserl points out, natural science by itself undermines the categorical distinction between the sensuously given and the physically described. After all, it does insist  that it investigates the water I am drinking, or the diamond I am admiring, rather than a completely different object. It maintains that it is the true nature of the experienced object that it seeks to capture

The physical thing which he [the physicist] observes, with which he experiments, which he continually sees, takes in his hand, puts on the scale or in the melting furnace: that physical thing, and no other, becomes the subject of the predicates ascribed in physics, such as weight, temperature, electrical resistance, and so forth (Hua 3/113)