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What Vortext Said When I Asked Him If We Can Get A Hold On Our Abstractions

Posted by Tanas Gjorgoski on December 25, 2006

They can certainly get a hold on us.
But for us, there is nothing to hold onto.
Also nothing of which to let go.

And here is a photo I took of the lake today…


2 Responses to “What Vortext Said When I Asked Him If We Can Get A Hold On Our Abstractions”

  1. maisie said

    thats incredibly vague for Vortext…

  2. Hey Maisie,

    He has said more vague things. Here, I think, abstractions holding onto us is about us framing ourselves in terms of abstractions – artificializing ourselves, so to say. Not just understanding ourselves as machines, computers and whatnot (which is not very rare metaphor today it seems), but also framing ourselves in the abstractions of society.
    And I think that second part was something that goes nicely with the picture… that sense of being in the world as a free agent – in the world that is enormous, and in same time cold and warm, scary and beautiful.
    Eventually by overcoming our fears, hate, jealousy and so on, we loose the need to “hold onto” something, and what is left is the beauty of being here.

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