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How to Extract A Song From YouTube (Or Other Video Sites)

Posted by Tanas Gjorgoski on December 18, 2006

Before talking about the youtube video extraction, here is a quick self-promotional note: If you love good games, you may want to go and check the concept art, screenshots, and development notes for my first iPhone game – Henophobia.

In those few days I was getting a dozens of hits for the Inner Life Of A Cell video, and lot of them were through search phrases like “Inner Life Of A Cell download music”. So, I got interested how one can extract the music from YouTube, and it turns out it is pretty easy… Here is how…
(If you are not interested in the process, but came here looking for the music just go at the bottom of this post, and download the mp3 file.)

Step 1 – Downloading the video

  1. If you don’t have Firefox go get it here, and install it.
  2. Install the DownloadHelper extension – using Firefox go to the bottom of that page, and click Install now.
  3. After installing you need to restart Firefox to continue. After the restart you will have a new button on the toolbar, looking like a little person.
  4. Go to the YouTube page from which you want to download the video (in this case here). Note you can use this extension to download flv files from other video sites (like Google Video) too.
  5. The person on the toolbar icon will start to rotate. Click on the arrow beside it, and click on the first choice. The flash file containing the video will start to download. (click Ctrl+J to open the download window if it doesn’t open automatically)
  6. When the download is finished, right click on the downloaded file, and choose “Open Containing Folder”. There you should have the flash (flv) file. Copy it to the Desktop.

    (Alternatively you can try YouTube downloader site.
    Just paste the address of the YouTube video there, and click “Get Download URL”.
    When you do that, you will be given an URL from which to d/l the file.
    When I tried this, the file was downloaded, but I had to rename the file, and give it flv extension.
    But once you do that, you should be OK)

Step 2 – Extracting the music

  1. Download the AoA Audio Extractor 1.1 (it is free)
  2. Install it, and start it.
  3. Once the program starts, click the “Add Files” button, and choose the flv file you copied to the Desktop.
  4. Change some of the options if you want, choose where to export the mp3 file, and press the big orange Start button.
  5. If everything is OK, the extraction will start, and you will get mp3 file in the folder you chose.

Step 3 – The Music

    And here is the result – the music from the Inner Life Of A Cell video.

UPDATE:Tim in the comments points to the Vixy service, which does (I didn’t try) the transformation automatically and let you download the result. If you are not interested in having control over some details of the transformation, just go to Vixy, paste there the YouTube address, and choose MP3 transformation. BTW, I don’t know if it works with other video sites.

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22 Responses to “How to Extract A Song From YouTube (Or Other Video Sites)”

  1. César said

    Obrigado pela dica!

  2. You are welcome.

  3. IndianPad said

    How to Extract A Song From YouTube (Or Other Video Site)

    How to Extract A Song From YouTube (Or Other Video Site) posted at IndianPad.com

  4. anonymous said

    thanks a lot!

  5. Yerman said

    increíble!! Excelente tutorial
    Mis felicitaciones, me has ayudado mucho!


  6. You greatly overestimate my linguistic abilities. :)

  7. Tim said

    I came across http://vixy.net which can take a video address and give you an MP3 to download (with no software download required).

  8. Anonymous said

    All I wanted was the Inner Life of a Cell song. But I didn’t read through the whole post, so I ended up following your directions and installing all that stuff…when really, I could have just clicked on the mp3 file at the bottom.

    Thanks, though!

  9. Athina Soraya said

    I have converted videos from youtube to compatible format for adding them as songs in my mp3(form Zen).Although the device says that all the items are sychronised when i turn it on to listen to them they are not there…!!!Do you know what the problem is and how i can fix it?

  10. Sorry Athina, don’t know anything about the mp3 players

  11. Anonymous said

    I can only do that using firefox? can’t that be done using explorer? i don’t feel like downloading firefox now lol

  12. Athina Soraya said

    Thanks guys! I’ll try some things…and then i give up!! =)))

  13. suleyman c said

    thanks guys, this is maybe the only place i found this music after checking ~15 sites.

  14. Tester123 said

    try vixy.net

  15. Tester123 said

    woops, didnt see someone post the link earlier. But yeah, vixy is a pretty good site; however, it has some problems with the mp3 synching, and does not tag the mp3s using the youtube metadata.

  16. Don said

    Thank you!! :) it works! for those who are having problems, if it doesn’t work, please reread directions!

    sarasota fla

  17. Susanne said

    I can’t see the video when I downloaded and converted it… can you help?

  18. Knox said

    Susanne: the output path..choose your output path meaning where the file will be after it is converted. So i would recommend putting it on desktop. set it to desktop :)

  19. Joe said

    Cheers very much. Now I can have divine comedy doing No-one Knows!

  20. selena said

    why doesnt it let me download it? everytime i try to open it theree says theres a problem and to contact the author. help plz?

  21. Hi Selena,
    What is that you can’t download?

  22. Advil said

    vixy.net does not work, it gives me 400 bad request every time I try it unless someone else can get it working…

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