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Some Wittgenstein on Web

Posted by Tanas Gjorgoski on December 11, 2006

  1. Hyper-text version of the Tractatus (1922)

On Galilean Library:

  1. Lecture on Ethics (1929)
  2. Philosophical Investigations (first 100 aphorisms)

On MickindexJapanese (via A Perspectiva da Primeira PessoaPortuguese)

  1. Some Remarks on Logical Form (1929)
  2. The Blue Book (1933-1934)

2 Responses to “Some Wittgenstein on Web”

  1. Jônadas said

    Hello! Glad to see my blog linked here! I am a very assiduous reader of your blog.

  2. Hi Jônadas, I’m glad that you find the posts on this blog interesting.

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