Aggregator Page Changes

The aggregator page is now tracking 109 114 117 blogs, and it used to get crowded with posts sometimes. Because of that I did two changes:

  1. Posts which come from same blog are now grouped, so they take less space.
  2. I added possibility for grouping blogs, and posts from blogs belonging to certain group are now grouped and shown in separate column.

Also you will notice that at the bottom of the page there is link to the aggregation archives for previous days.

I plan in future also to add tracking of the comments for those blogs that offer comment feeds, but can’t give concrete dates.
I don’t have information about how much (if at all) the aggregator is used, but if you use it, and have some requirements or ideas please leave a comment here.
I’m also interested about your opinion about some other groups that would be useful (currently there is just a Mind&Cog.Sci group, which might be little artificial), recommendations for other blogs to track on that page, etc…

UPDATE (Dec.09):
A little more tweaking…

  1. I solved also the problems with reading a few of the blogs which were using namespaces in their HTML (probably result of copying the content from MS Word to the blog). This leaves a problem with reading Show-Me the Argument which is of some other nature. Fixed this issue too – the site returns results if the code presents itself as a browser.
  2. Also added the names of the authors to the posts.


  1. Under the list of blogs sorted by days of (in)activity, you will now find also a link to a separate page with Technorati stats for blogs tracked. Not very useful, but I was interested how easy is to work with Tehcnorati API.


  1. The aggregator page should be updated now every two hours. (Is that often enough?)
  2. Also change in formating – I moved the blog title before first post title as Jeff G. suggested in the comments, so now if there are more posts from same blog it makes more sense.

2 thoughts on “Aggregator Page Changes

  1. I noticed that when posts from the same blog are grouped together, they are grouped under the first posts name rather than the name of the blog. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not.

    Other than that, great job.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the comment and your support. You are right about that… It was that way before, so I didn’t change it, but I guess now when several posts are grouped makes more sense to be put under under the name of the blog. I will play with that.

    BTW, sorry about being late with the answer, Akismet wrongly put your comment into the spam list.

    UPDATE:I changed it so they are grouped under the name of the blog as you proposed. I think it is much better this way.

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