Update of The Philosophy Lectures Videos Post

I added few links to the list of online videos of philosophical lectures.
One link is to the video of Kripke’s lecture The First Person hosted at City University of New York.
I also added a link to the Ernest Nagel Lectures in Philosophy and Science page, hosted by Carnegie Mellon Department of Philosophy  which includes two videos by van Fraassen and Suppes  (thanks Jeremy for pointing to this one in the comments).
If you missed the update few weeks ago, you might want to check also the philosophy lecture videos post also for the list of webstreams at The Royal Society; the talk by Alan Wallace “Towards the First Revolution in the Mind Sciences” (weirdly hosted by Google TechTalks); and updates of list of links of UCTV videos and “Closer To Truth” series.

3 thoughts on “Update of The Philosophy Lectures Videos Post

  1. This video page is a wonderful resource. I frequent it often and love the updates. Thank you.

    Perhaps a Philosophy of Religion section soon?

    Thank you for your collection.

    – Matt

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