Did Pluto Lose Its Planet Status?

The answer is NO. Here is why…

With recent change of definition of “planet”, we were told that there is a change of number of planets in our Solar System, so that it now has 8 planets, instead of 9. And we were told that Pluto lost its status as planet. But nothing of this happened.
With changing the definition of “planet”, what changed is what the word “planet” means. If we reserve the word “planet” for what it means today, we can use the term “old_planet” for what “planet” meant before the change. And having on mind that, we can say that, nothing in the reality changed concerning the number of planets, or number of old_planets. The Solar system still has 9 old_planets, and it has 8 planets. Actually it had 8 planets all along (given the definition of planet we have today). So the number of planets didn’t change at all, nor the number of old_planets changed. The number of planets can change only if some planet breaks in two, or if some neighboring system borrows us  one planet, or if one of the planets self-destructs, and so on.
Also Pluto didn’t lose its status as planet, as it never was a planet. It only had status of old_planet.

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