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Philosophers’ Carnival #38

Posted by Tanas Gjorgoski on November 7, 2006

The 38th edition of the philosophers’ carnival is hosted at Splintered Mind. Don’t forget to bring your kids with you, there is lots of fun!


One Response to “Philosophers’ Carnival #38”

  1. Philosopher’s Carnival?

    Look at this painting I painted months ago.


    I’m out to conquer the world without firing a shot or traversing a sea.

    That painting is a pretty good start, eh?

    I’m looking for stealth recruits. (See below).

    Now, I know you can read. It’s only about 150 pages long, (two html pages)and it’s the best written in a thousand years.

    Get busy!

    Don Robertson, The American Philosopher
    Limestone, Maine

    An Illustrated Philosophy Primer for Young Readers
    Precious Life – Empirical Knowledge
    The Grand Unifying Theory & The Theory of Time
    Art Auctions:

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