Few Links

I enjoyed few recent posts on philosophy blogs, so why not link to them…
The Pursuit (or Not) of Happiness – Eric talks about how it doesn’t seem that we are very good at pursuing happiness, and that it doesn’t seem that we are very interested in it either.
At Trinities,  Dale is starting a series of post of how Christian theologians defended (or tried to defend) the Trinity doctrine from the arguments of Muslim theologians that it is just a kind of polytheism.
At Siris, Brandon has interesting post about how in parallel to the atheism/theism debate, there is more interesting atheism vs. atheism fight.

And two not-blog links that I guess everybody already knows about:
Scott Soames’s paper on the history of analytic philosophy in America from its pre-analytic origins to the present. It is around 50 pages and should be interesting read.
And Commentary on Keirkegaard page which contains English translations of some Kierkegaard’s texts, and commentaries on lot of them.