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Finally We Know: God Exists To A Degree Of 75%!

Posted by Tanas Gjorgoski on October 6, 2006

Forget Wittgenstein’s aphorisms (first 100 from PI available here). Could he come up with this argument:

64: The creator must create what he knows.
65: What did the creator know?
66: The creator knew himself.
67: What did he know about himself?
68: That he is a creator.
69: Thus, the creator created what he knew: the creator created other creators.

Check here for more jewels. Must Read!
(UPDATE:I scratched “Must read”, as the document seems to be updated and got longish, and the second part I think is not as funny as first 70 lines or so).


One Response to “Finally We Know: God Exists To A Degree Of 75%!”

  1. The amazing deductions, including the one about God existing 75% are removed from the page, and changed with simmilar content.

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