Update of the post with philosophy videos


What is added…
I stumbled upon the Counterbalance library, which hosts a number of video and audio presentations on philosophical and other topics. So, I added link to it, and to some sets of videos I found there.
Also I added a link to the Rick Grush’s video podcasts page.
The thing is that while adding that link to the list I thought I double check the link, and seems that web-page went down just because I thought of linking to it. It is special (inverted) version of Slashdot effect, called Draining effect that happens when one creates a link to a site – a link which nobody in the whole history of the universe will not click, creating negative pressure on the linked web-page. Needless to say, servers couldn’t deal with negative pressure.
Anyway, I hope it is a temporary thing, so I won’t remove the link for now.

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