The Inverted Slashdot Effect

The Inverted Slashdot Effect, also known as Energy Drain Effect and Philosophy Blog Linked To You, So You Should Panic – Effect is newly found and as far as I know, undocumented effect.
The effect happens when an author of a site that has negative visitor statistics (more people leave the site than come in) thinks of linking to another site (particularly if it is big and established). Through, what is currently considered to be quantum mechanical process, a negative pressure on the target web-site is provoked, causing the over-under-loading of the target servers, and eventually their taking off the Internet.
The effect was noticed this monday morning, when I, author of a philosophical blog which has negative statistics, thought of linking to Google. Needless to say, Google went down, and it hasn’t recovered yet from the underloading.
Though, as noticed, majority of scienterists think that the effect is due to the unknown quantum mechanical processes (which are known also to be source of things like negative statistic, consciousness, math and bad breath), there are also different opinions. We can divide them roughly into three groups:
1. The effect is due to the fact that author was playing Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II game, and somehow the special dark force called Drain which he won in the game, transfered through unknown quantum mechanical process to his real body.
To test this theory I tried the alleged force to few people I love, but it didn’t work.
2. Another theory says that the author of this site is a digimon called Soulmon, and that he deliberatly performed Energy Drain attack on Google.
To dismiss those roamers, here I present picture of me, which clearly shows that I’m NOT a digimon:

I forgot what was the third group.
Anyway, there are those who say that there is no such effect – that the whole thing is just a coincidence. But that is of course non-sense, as I saw the effect with my own eyes.

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