Are things and states of affairs ruled by laws of logic?

I posted a comment at Postmodernism and Reality post at
As I what said there connects nicely to previous post Existence and Transcendence, I will also post the comment here:

If we imagine reality as a state of affairs (or even “dynamics of affairs”), really one can’t see what it would mean for the rules of logic to be applied to it. State of affairs is merely that – state of affairs.
Laws of logic on other side are something that is connected to propositions, and propositions consist of objective meanings which while might be about the real world, are made possible only for a conscious being which first abstracts – breaks apart the state of affairs to some entities (which of course are not real – the entities can’t exist as abstract entities), and then tries to synthesize back the “situation” by putting those abstractions in some kind of objective relations or assigns objective properties to those entities.

So, it is not that the state of affairs somehow is “ruled” by the rules of logic. It is that if we imagine (factual) state (or dynamics) of affairs, it can’t be that both proposition A, and its negation for example can be true about it.

–end of what I commented there–

The rules and propositions are always about abstractions. The abstractions are based on the existing/concrete, but existing/concrete doesn’t exist qua abstraction. And because abstractions are based on existing/concrete, their truth comes from the existing/concrete they cover (actually or potentially). For more discussion of how abstractions can be related actually or potentially, and still be based on concrete, see the posts on the Post Threads page, under “Abstraction and Given” column.

This post talks about logical laws, but I believe that it is the same with all laws which can be based on abstractions – like mathematical laws. For example there might be state of affairs, and we abstract from it that it is “three apples”. But on the same state of affairs we can abstract two apples and one other apple. But that doesn’t mean that things and states (dynamic) of affairs are ruled by laws of math (e.g If you add one apple to two apples you will get three apples).

I would go as far as to say that I believe that physical laws (as necessary and transcendental) to be of same nature, but I won’t :)

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