Philosophy news

After programming professionally for years, somehow the love for the programming itself disappears in the routine of everyday work.

This last weekend I reminded myself of the original love I had, by looking into the ways one can play with blogs from java program. I was playing with things, and the result is this semi-finished aggregator. It aggregates the posts of the philosophy blogs. (I added some blogs I read, and some others I found for testing purposes).

I think I will play with it some more the next weekend… First, I need to do the updates automatic (on X hours). As it is now I have to push a button for the update to happen. As I can’t put java code on the server, that solution will have to suffice for now. Second, I will probably do the archive thing, so that “Past Days” part properly shows aggregation of posts for each past day.

And some time in the future, I want to look into possibilities for some kind of text mining… I know next to nothing of this field, but sounds like interesting play field. It would be interesting to see what kind of semantical information can be extracted from blogs.

Update: It seems I didn’t have as much time as I thought to work on this… I will put this thing aside for now. I will keep updated aggregate page on this blog, at the “Power Blogroll” page.

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