Help for reading on-line (firefox)

Back when I used Internet Explorer, whenever I was reading some web page, I would triple-click the paragraph that I am reading. The triple-click selects the whole paragraph in IE, making the paragraph stand out from the other text, and who-knows-why I found that helping me in the reading (I guess something to do with easier focusing)…

Now, when I installed Firefox, I found out that it is missing the triple-click feature. Actually it has triple-click but it selects just a line, not the whole paragraph. But of course the beauty of Firefox is in the extensions, so I did a search.

Tripleselect extension adds to Firefox this functionality, so i can now triple-click to select a paragraph.
But, recently I stumbled across Paragrasp extension which seems even better. With this extension, I right click the text in the paragraph, and choose “Paragrasp Here” from the right click menu. The paragraph gets higlighted, but what is very nice is that then I can use ctrl+down-arrow and ctrl+up-arrow to highlight the next or previous paragraph.
For longer texts, I use ctrl+shift+A hotkey and then it works just by pressing the up and down arrow keys.

Let me also remind you that if you have Firefox, you can also annotate the paragraphs using a separate extension, which is neat for analyzing on-line texts. I wrote about that here. (If it is still invitation only, drop a comment, and I will be happy to invite you).

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