Other simple intentional experiences

In the previous post, I said that bedazzlement is one of the simplest intentional experiences. I wanted to point that no intentional state is a momentary state, and when talking about those intentional states they can’t be seen as momentary, but should be thought of as belonging to the flux of consciousness, which is in constant change.

So, I use “simple” here to point that while the time is passing by, there are no changes of what we can call intentional quality (following Husserl) in the intentional experience. Intentional quality is that type of the directness towards the object, like hoping, desiring,fearing, etc… It should be distinguished from the intentional matter, which might be e.g. a proposition, thing, etc; and the intentional matter can also not change in this intentional experience (bedazzlement).

There are other intentional experiences where the intentional matter changes, e.g. the things we are looking at undergoes some change (e.g. color, movement, size, shape, and so on), but still the intentional quality doesn’t. In this case there is no need for some strong emotion (like in bedazzlement) which will block the change of the intentional quality (block our thoughts so to say), as the change itself can present enough material to keep our attention. We might be of course mesmerized by the event , but merely interested, or even “hardly interested” would do.