Things that are hard to miss

In previous post, I said that first things we notice are those that attract our attention, and also that those can be different things – they can be animals, patches of color, buildings, sounds, etc… Those are given in our perception, and they are not further abstractly determined at first.

With possibility to recognize the thing (when later seen again), the thing can become somewhat determined. It can be considered as the same thing that was seen, or it can be considered as merely “looking same” as the previous thing that was seen.

It is important to keep this distinction between the thing as it is given and the perceptual recognition of that thing. The perceptual recognition is not possible without thing being given in perception first, or said differently – a thing isn’t same with its perceptual recognition. So, there is distinction, but this isn’t the noumena/phenomena distinction now. It is distinction between a thing given in our perception, and how that thing is recognized (or further abstractly determined).

One may say… but the thing which is given is nothing but the sense-datum! Well, I’m also saying it is datum (given), but as a thing, which is separate in the world (here thing doesn’t mean object, but anything which can attract our attention). When we see a thing we are aware that it is something other then us, and as such it has separate existence. For example it is the coffee cup in front of you which you can rotate, and see what is written on back of it. One might probably look at it, not as three dimensional object, but as some kind of two dimensional picture, but for sure it is not this kind of forcefully reduced perception, which attracts people attention. If someone throws cup at you, it will be the cup qua cup, a quale, a given, which will attract your attention.

Recognition might be subjective faculty, but the base of the recognition – thing that is recognized is not. Nor is the thing of which we are reminded subjective – it also was a given in some particular time.

The things around us, as they are given to our perception, at first by attracting our attention, and further by our noticing them, constitute the base level perception – those are the things in the world – the phenomena (this shouldn’t be take as in noumena/phenomena distinction, which I argued is empty). The phenomena that is further recognized grounds base level categories and instances in our lives – those are the things that 1.attract our attention 2.we recognize them on new encounters…

Or so to say… those are things one can not miss – things that are pushed into our awareness.