Kant’s weird thoughts

Ok, while I was thinking here with my nose on the window, my wife has been practical and made tea for both of us (but not for you, she doesn’t know about you). That will probably help. I have no time for getting out of my pajamas (getting dressed is boring too), I just join my wife in the kitchen.

Now, there is an idea appearing, maybe I got the whole thing wrong, maybe there is no noumena/phenomena distinction. It would be nice if I can find error in my thinking there. Really it would be nice because I will be back to my simple being in room, my room in the house, the house in the world, outside snowing, and sharing the same world with
that guy I saw on the street and with one billion others. I can’t accept this as true now, when all I have is the possibility that I’m in the phenomenal (not real) world and all that is part of some noumenal (real) mind. Or can I accept it? Maybe I can reach and hold the hand of my wife, or image-hold the image-hand of my image-wife. Who cares if she is noumenal or phenomenal? The noumenal-one will think that the noumenal-me holds her hand. But then, it would be the real me, it is my wanting to hold her hand that caused it all. So, for a moment, it seems that at least I can kind of, hold hands with my wife while I drink tea, and think of those issues.

Of course, if my wife exists at all that is. Maybe it is just a figment of my imagination.

Didn’t I dream this same dream last night?

Note: As you know, Kant didn’t have wife. This is just an imaginary dream. (As if being dream, or being imaginary is not unreal enough)

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