Given, Abstractions and Existence

In the post Existence of Abstraction (as result) I said that the given exists. That as result of an abstraction, we come to a concrete existing quale, which can be further determined. The given exists in its immediacy.

No abstraction will result with some abstract red as such. The possibility to “make peace” between the concrete and abstract, I argued, is just on one place – nothing, where certain abstraction covers the whole given – if we abstract from it we end up with impossibility for further abstraction.

The abstractions as such don’t ever exist by themselves, without being connected to a given – only a given can be determined as abstraction. So only a given can be red, circular, flat, etc…

Note 1:That we can imagine red, green, big and other abstracts, without those being given to us, is not saying that we won’t imagine them as given which is red, green, big, circular, flat and so on. In fact I can’t imagine red differently then by imagining that it is a given which is red, I can’t imagine a circular without imagining that it is given which is circular, and so on.