After talking with several friends, i found out that there are few possible misunderstandings about what I said so far about abstraction, focus and given.

What was said so far on this weblog is about the perception. It shouldn’t be connected to any metaphysical claims. When I talk about attention, or determining, I abstract from two things

  • if what we attend to (or the result of our attention, the focus), tell us something about the reality.
  • through what kind of some “underlying mechanism” the acts of attention, determining happen, if there is underlying mechanism, and where the qualia comes from,

If one has the one hand in cold water, and the other in hot water for some time, and if after that he put both hands in the same water, the one will feel cold (the one which was in hot water), and the other will feel hot. So, to work on this example, when I mention given, Im not talking about temperature of the water to be given, but that the results of the focus on how the water feels to one or the other hand are concrete and given.

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